Zero Interest Loans

Alliance for Peace lends money to help support low income earners to achieve their dreams.

Money borrowed is returned usually with Zero interest. Alliance for Peace is the only place where refugees and low income earners can be offered a chance to receive money without conditions.

Farmer, Refugee, Asylum seeker & Migrant Partnerships Australia (FRAMPA)

FRAMPA is one of the programs initiated and administered by GAP. It aims to develop partnerships with the Australian rural community to assist African migrants and refugees to find employment and accommodation. Through various means, rural communities which can potentially offer employment, short or long term, and accommodation, are contacted and arrangements are made for the refugees and migrants to take up the offers. Various community organisations such as The Salvation Army, St Vincent de Paul and Rural Australia for Refugees (RAR) have also been contacted to assist in this program.

FRAMPA has been operating since 2010 and has placed families in farms in Tenterfield, Richmond, Mangrove and Cavan in NSW. Favourable comments have been received from the farmers and refugees with the refugees learning new skills and furthering their Australian experience. As has already happened in the placements mentioned above, these workers, and their families obtain paid employment and accommodation; reducing their dependence on Centrelink assistance.

The placements also offer the gaining of skills and experience which can enhance their chances of career related employment, the increase in English language skills and further opportunities to participate in local communities. In one rural area the placement of two families resulted in the re-opening of the local school. Some of these people have obtained permanent positions in other industries; eg. in factories in Richmond. NSW.

To help further the opportunities for refugees and migrants in rural areas FRAMPA is seeking to establish strategic partnerships with peak farming bodies, rural industries and communities, and groups such as RAR and Rotary etc.. With these partnerships FRAMPA will have current and ongoing information about employment opportunities and the rural communities will have up-to-date contact details of workers, currently available and willing to undertake employment in rural settings. (There are up to 200 refugees available as of Oct 2018)

SEED program

Shelter for widows and Education for orphans and refugees. Empowering communities for holistic Development

The Seed program supports refugee children separated from their relatives to be reunited in Australia. It strives for integrating refugees socially, culturally, intellectually and economically. Our future is brighter if we support today's children. Education is the master key to a successful future for the current generation and for generations to come.

SHARE program

SHARE is a cultural exchange program aimed at integrating refugees with the resident communities

It is funded by the Newcastle City Council. It aims at bringing together different multi-cultural communities especially African refugees, Indigenous Australians, elderly Australians and Arabic communities to share their stories and experiences through dance, music and food. Communities share their cultural values. This project facilitates stronger communities and safer neighbourhoods which can end isolation for many particularly the elderly. We provide free African food and we strengthen social cohesion and promote unity in diversity.

One Child One Friend

This project aims at linking Students from Australian Primary and Secondary schools with African Schools. Students become friends and get to know and help each another.

This programs involves the exchange of letters between schools in Africa and those in Newcastle and the Hunter region. These letters are translated from French, Swahili and Kinyamulenge languages to English and vice versa. Pen pals can lead to lifelong connections, friendships and learning about each other’s cultures.

Refugee Skill program

Alliance for Peace teaches newly arrived refugees how to drive and helps them get jobs on farms (picking and packing fruits). This is especially helpful for those with no experience or educational background. This is done through a farmers partnership/collaboration in regional and remote areas.