Our Team

We are a resourceful and dedicated team that is keen on meeting our objectives

Jerome Mukiza Rugaruza

Founder, Managing Director

Jerome came to Australia in 2009 after spending 15 years in a UN Refugee Camp escaping the horrors of violent conflict in the Congo - his homeland. He was separated from his wife Immaculate for a decade. He became an Australian citizen in 2014 and studied Social Sciences, Sociology and Anthropology at the University of Newcastle in New South Wales. He created the not-for-profit charity Global Alliance for Peace to alleviate the suffering of displaced refugees by helping them create better lives with the aid of settlement services. He personally understands the many obstacles that displaced people face.


Austin Maina Warobo

Country Director, Kenya

Austin meet Jerome in Nairobi Kenya July 2017,at the time when Jerome was attending for his late father in law.Who by then was diagnosed with cancer and opted for further medical attention in India.Jerome further introduced himself to Austin, and how he managed to leave Congo, seeked refuge in Kenya for a period of 10years.Finally he was repatriated to Australia by the help of a community based organization called refugee point located in hurlgham Nairobi.After spending some time in Kenya,Austin became passionate with Alliance For Peace a community based organization. Austin was then appointed as Global Alliance representative in Kenya to date